hello friendz

Hello! I'm Nika B., the main piña of PIñANIKA

I'm passionate about equality, design, craft, jiu-jitsu, and of course, pineapples. 

I am a full time graphic designer and working my way to full time crafter. I've always loved working with my hands so this blog is a way for me to do what I love while sharing it with others. Shrinky dinks are my all time favorite thing to work with but I also like working with fabric, clay, paint, and random stuff. 

I'll be posting things that interest me from: my crafts, diy projects, easy recipes, occasional outfits, grrrl power motivations, maybe even kick ass jiu-jitsu moves, and other radical things. 

Feel free to message me for any questions or just chat about your favorite ice cream. 

Stay cool. 
-Nika B.