quinceñera diy items

As promised here's a couple of items that we DIYed for Juddie's 15th. 

The whole process was super simple so don't hesitate to make your own and take inspiration from them. 

The top part of the centerpiece was a lot of fun to make because I love repurposing and recycling ordinary items into weird and unique items. Here's the breakdown of what we did:

•record: swap meet. We bought 30 records for $20 from one of our favorite swap meets-Goldenwest in Westminster. We painted all of them ~*sea mist*~ to match the color theme of the 15th. 

•cds: home. I'm sure we all have tons of CDs laying around that we secretly don't want to throw away. We painted them silver glitter which came out really shiny and had a chunky glitter texture. Some of the cds had dark bases so we had to paint them white then spray them with the silver. 

•cassettes: home. Samesies with the cds laying around, of course I made sure to keep my Motley Crue and Stevie Nicks out of the 'will paint' pile. We used this black glittery outdoor paint which looked great. 

•folded paper fan: home. I printed a ton of these and we all sat down folding and gluing them together while we watched The Walking Dead.

•foam flowers: downtown LA.  I think we bought 6 dozens for around $20. My dude's mom sprayed them with hairspray and sprinkled glitter to add some sass.

•random accessories: sister-in-law. She had a bag full of random earrings, buttons, and weird stuff that she figured I'd be able to use for something and she was right. The accessories added personality and an extra layer of weirdness. 

•diamond wrap ribbon: I don't remember how much it costs but I'm sure it was less than $10 for a looot. They also come in different colors so there's tons to choose from. 

•spray paint: Home Depot. I think we bought 4 cans per color because we had to make 35 centerpieces. Yeah, 35! 

•glue gun, E6000: home. I use this stuff on everything! 


This was incredibly easy to make but took a lot of steps since we had to assemble the pieces in order. Again, most of the materials are from Downtown LA-that place is the best! Here's the break down of the process and where the materials came from:

•giant paper clip: 99ç store. We had to paint some of them white because we had different colors.

•printed paper fan: home.  

•foam flowers: downtown LA. 

•glitter: downtown. It was a huge bottle that cost 7 bucks. We probably used 1/3 of it. We placed them in old salt and pepper shakers to make the sprinkling a lot easier but of course our whole place was glittering for months.

•styrofoam disk: downtown LA. These disks were 1inch thick and come in different sizes and can easily be cut. 

•diamond wrap ribbon: downtown LA. 

•wires, glue gun, E6000: 99ç store and Michael's. We used glue gun and thin wires (ornament wires actually) to secure things around the styrofoam disk. 

The court corsages was easier than I thought. I used the same materials that we already had. I used pin backs for the dudes' and used elastic on the girls'. These would be perfect for weddings, proms, or any fancy events. Since the flower is artificial, they can last fooorever! 

These masks were used during the baile de surpresa - surprise dance. We bought these masks at downtown, 20 for $10. Total deal. 

Juddie used this vest in one of their dances. I used elements from the invitations to make things cohesive and cuuute. I printed these on iron on and transferred it on white felt fabric and sewed them directly to an old vest that I had. Ta-Da! Instant 15th tough girl denim cut. 

You can take a look here to see the invitation and cards that I made for the 15th.

Hopefully this post has inspired you to make your own or simply continue to customize your own stuff-fancy party related or not! 

Stay cool and rad. 

-Nika B.